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Excerpt from our friends St Heliers Kiwani’s Club bulletin- packing container for Vanuatu

Posted on Aug 5, 2014 in News, Projects

Excerpt from our friends St Heliers Kiwani’s Club bulletin- packing container for Vanuatu

30 July 2014: Packing of clothes for Vanuatu container, chez Michael & Patsy Hill, Forrest Hill 

Eight Takapuna members (and one interloper) gathered at Michael & Patsy Hill’s residence for a pot-luck dinner. Followed by a division of forces – two thirds headed to the garage to remove plastic, cardboard, and pins from a large pile of school uniforms that had been donated by a local manufacturer. These were then folded and packed into labelled boxes, ready to be transferred to Allan’s shed for packing on Saturday. This was the last of a huge donation of ten thousand items of clothing.

The remaining third stayed upstairs by the fire and packed socks – to be sent away at a later date.

The end of two and a bit hours saw twenty seven large boxes of clothes packed in Hill’s garage, ready for transport.

2 August 2014: Vanuatu container packing day @ Megan & Mike Allan’s, Waiau Pa 

A convoy of cars headed to Allan’s property with trepidation: we had a forty-footer to pack – and the weather was, to say the least, uncertain. Takapuna brought a gazebo to protect the enumerator in the execution of her duty…

But, as it turned out – we needn’t have worried. The weather stayed fine-ish and cool-ish for the entire time. Twenty-two (and a half) people showed up to help get the packing done – and, if Ewan Beck is to be believed, no less than four past Governors, the present Governor, the District Secretary and District Treasurer, and an incumbent Lieutenant-Governor. There were four non-members, including Michael Hill’s almost-three year old grandson (i.e. the half: who was nonetheless observed carrying boxes into the container!)

NZ Packing Containers 2

What was different this time? Pallets. Folk in the shed loaded boxes and such onto pallets, which were tractored over to the container to be loaded by the people there. This meant people weren’t tripping over each other (mostly!) and the packing proceeded in a smooth and predominantly orderly fashion.

The result was a surprise: the doors of the container were locked at just

before 3pm. In just under six hours, the container had been filled, and both the Allan’s shed and the Kiwanis container were standing largely empty. It’s a record time – and we had the standard morning tea and lunch breaks…

NZ container packing

Your scribe demonstrating the most important part of any packing day (!) 

From left: Governor Graham Chick, Ray (non-Kiwanian), Past-Governor Mike McIvor (Te Awamutu), your scribe, Ray’s wife, Ewan Beck (Papakura), Bob Reay (Mt. Roskill) 

Thanks to Gay McNamara and her catering team, Mike and Megan Allan (and their pets), and to the Kiwanians and their families and friends who put in such a monumental effort!

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