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A Kind Gesture to Help the Victims of the Tragedy at Alpalack Village

Posted on Apr 22, 2014 in News, Projects

A Kind Gesture to Help the Victims of the Tragedy at Alpalack Village

 On Thursday, 17 April 2014, the KIWANIS Club donated basic house items worth of 100,000 VT to Mr. Donald Sanhabath representing the victims of the tragedy which happens on 28 January 2014 at Malua Bay side River and Alpalack Village, North West part of Malekula where a total of about 46 houses being razed down to ground. The incident resulted in about 104 people being displaced out in the deep forest and living in terrible weather conditions without proper shelter, bedding, clothes and kitchen utensils.  The donation was aid in kind from the KIWANIS Club to assist the victims with basic necessities needed to start rehabilitate.

burnt house The donation was formally handed over by Mr. Mark Stafford, president of the KIWANIS Club to Mr. Donald Sanhabath, representative of the victims. The donation includes 20 Bag cement, mattresses, blankets, saucepans and kitchen utensils; plate, cups, spoon, fork and knifes. The handover ceremony was also witnessed by members of the villages and the KIWANIS Club members.

 In his statement, Mr. Mark Stafford underlined that KIWANIS Club has been long doing charity work in Vanuatu; funding projects, make donations and organise social events. The donation of these items is only one example of the continued charity work the Club is undertaking in Vanuatu.

 On behalf of the victims, Mr. Donald Sanhabath expressed his sincere gratitude to the Club for the generous donation made.  The victims are in grave need for such donation to help in the process of recuperation.  Mr. Donald further stressed that, it is indeed another milestone in the achievement of the area to receive assistance from a charitable organization.  The villagers will always have fond memories for the Club for being very helpful to them in a time where assistance is much needed.

burnt houses

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